Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer 1.0

The classic Snake game in widescreen


  • Faithful to the snake original
  • Features a boss key


  • Graphics are extremely basic
  • Sound effects poor

Not bad

Just when you thought that the snake concept had died on the PC and was relegated to the world of free mobile phone games, Snake Charmer arrives.

Snake Charmer has nothing to do with Indian men playing music to dancing pythons in sacks or boxes. It's quite simply the classic Snake game. Snake Charmer is one more snake clone. Snake Charmer has clearly been designed with the office worker in mind - one of it's few "extras" is a Boss Key that you can hit if you get caught wasting time while you should be working.

In addition, there is a top score list should you want to prove your superiority to friends and there are a few levels to choose from which differ only in the speed at which the snake travels across your screen. It would have been far more interesting if the developers had tried to give Snake a modern new look with realistic snake style graphics but as it is, Snake Charmer looks like something you might have played on your Commodore VIC20.

It doesn't look pretty and it's no classic version of Snake but if you're a snake fan, you'll enjoy Snake Charmer for just a few minutes at least.

Snake Charmer


Snake Charmer 1.0

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